Konnected Sapphire Ring

Konnected Sapphire Ring

The Intense Cornflower Blue Ceylon Sapphire featured in the Konnected Sapphire is an exceedingly rare and highly coveted gemstone. Weighing an enchanting 7.2 carat, it possesses a captivating intensity that sets it apart from other sapphires. Its mesmerizing cornflower blue color is a true rarity in the gemstone world, evoking the image of delicate petals dancing under the clear blue sky.

This exceptional sapphire, with its vivid and saturated hue, is a testament to nature’s artistry. Its intense blue color, reminiscent of the beloved cornflower, showcases the gemstone’s exceptional quality and allure. The depth and richness of this particular shade of blue are highly sought after by connoisseurs and collectors alike, making it a prized addition to any gemstone collection.

Expertly crafted, the Konnected Sapphire pairs this rare and intense cornflower blue sapphire with 1.2 carats of pure white E-color diamonds. The diamonds beautifully accentuate the sapphire’s vibrant hue, creating a stunning visual contrast that further accentuates its rarity and desirability.

Custom-designed for a customer on the Gold Coast in Australia, this remarkable piece embodies elegance, individuality, and a deep emotional connection. As a heirloom, it carries the legacy of the customer’s lost grandmother’s ring, while also symbolizing the profound bond between the customer and her partner as they prepare for their upcoming wedding.

1. Design Brief

2. Rejected Gemstones

Sapphires traditionally come in round, oval, and cushion cuts. However, securing an emerald cut, especially one of 5ct+, is a particularly challenging endeavour. As gemstone sizes increase, the proportions can easily become distorted – for instance, they might become too elongated relative to their width, disrupting the overall balance and visual appeal.

Adding to these considerations are the conventional parameters of colour and clarity. While the Royal Blue hue is internationally revered as the most prized sapphire colour, Australians often find themselves drawn towards the distinctive, lighter shade of cornflower blue, native to Sri Lanka.

Undeterred by these challenges, our unwavering commitment to sourcing only the most remarkable gemstones led us on a three-week journey to secure the perfect sapphire. Our refusal to settle for anything less than extraordinary resulted in not just a beautiful gemstone but also the immense satisfaction of our client.

3. Selected Gemstones

Our gem-hunting expedition concluded when a third-generation Sri Lankan trader presented us with a captivating 7.2ct cornflower blue Ceylon sapphire.

This particular sapphire had the right shape but exhibited strong pleochroism – an optical phenomenon where the gem displays varied colours depending on the viewing angle. In this case, the sapphire, while boasting a rich blue hue, presented a subtle purple tint when viewed from different perspectives.

The client was enamoured with the unique properties of this large, emerald-cut sapphire, and thus, price negotiations commenced. In the end, we successfully secure the sapphire well within the client’s budget. Before any money traded hands, the sapphire was dispatched to the lab for official certification, further assuring its quality and value.

4. Lab Certification

There’s no greater satisfaction than receiving a lab certification that exceeds expectations. The lab classified the color of the sapphire as Intense Cornflower Blue.

An intense cornflower blue sapphire is an exceptionally rare and highly valuable gemstone renowned for its vivid saturation and depth. Its intensity sets it apart from regular cornflower blue sapphires, showcasing a heightened level of color brilliance. This remarkable gemstone not only captivates with its stunning beauty but also holds deep symbolic meaning, representing profound emotions, clarity of thought, and wisdom. The combination of its rarity, vibrant color, and symbolic significance contributes to its irresistible allure and increased value within the gemstone market.

In an unexpected turn, the trader informed us that the miner no longer wished to sell the sapphire at the agreed-upon price. Instead, the miner intended to showcase it at the Hong Kong Gemshow and sell it for a considerably higher price. While we understood the miner’s perspective, it was crucial to remind the trader of our established partnership and long-term vision. Through a phone call, we emphasized the mutual benefits we could achieve over time, ultimately persuading the trader to convince the miner to honor honor the agreed price.

Gem hunting is an adrenaline-pumping game. We narrowly avoided losing the perfect sapphire and, instead, significantly increased its value by 15-20%. Naturally, the client was relieved and ecstatic with the outcome.

5. Design

The transaction was made and the sapphire was securely sent to our trusted jeweller who was blown away by the colour of the rare precious gemstone. 

The design was to make a trilogy ring with trapezoid shoulder diamonds to position and accentuate the large emerald cut sapphire. 

The design was mocked up in the computer-aided design (CAD) to the reference image to identify the perfect size of trapezoid diamonds to compliment the mesmerising intense cornflower blue sapphire.

Such a gorgeous sapphire deserves only to be set amongst pure white diamonds so our jeweller sourced 1.2 ct of pure-white E-colour VS Diamonds. 

The designs were shared with the client for approval.

Upon completion of the transaction, the intense cornflower blue sapphire was securely sent to our trusted jeweller, who was astounded by the mesmerizing colour of this exceptional gemstone.

To highlight the sapphire’s magnificence, the design concept centred around a trilogy ring featuring trapezoid shoulder diamonds meticulously positioned to accentuate the large emerald-cut sapphire. Employing computer-aided design (CAD), a mock-up was created, referencing an image to determine the perfect size of trapezoid diamonds that would beautifully complement the intense cornflower blue sapphire.

Given the sapphire’s stunning beauty, it was decided that only pure white diamonds would befit its presence. To achieve this, our jeweller sourced 1.2 carats of pure-white E-colour VS Diamonds.

6. Refinement

The client expressed admiration for the initial design but desired a more feminine touch, emphasizing rounded prongs to soften the presence of the emerald-cut sapphire and trapezoid diamonds, which had prominent hard corners. This added a graceful and delicate aesthetic to the overall look.

In addition, the band was tapered to create a more elegant flow that seamlessly joined the diamonds. This adjustment ensured a harmonious transition from the band to the centerpiece, enhancing the overall sophistication and balance of the design.

By accommodating the client’s preferences for a rounded prong design and a tapered band, the final design achieved a perfect blend of femininity and elegance, resulting in a truly captivating and refined piece of heirloom jewelry.

7. Quality Control

Casting jewelry is often considered a favorable option due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. While handmade pieces showcase intricate craftsmanship and a personalized touch, casting can offer comparable beauty without the extensive time and effort required in handmaking.

In the case of this particular ring, casting the band proved to be a practical choice that helped reduce the overall investment cost for the client. This became particularly significant as the client opted for a larger 7-carat sapphire, where each carat increase multiplies the investment. By choosing to cast over handmaking, the client achieved an appealing design while managing their budget effectively.

The ring held great sentimental value as a gift from a loving man to his soon-to-be Finnish wife. To add a touch of personalization, the man scripted a heartfelt poem of 9 words to be inscribed in Finnish on the inside of the ring. The jeweler skillfully completed this near-impossible task, delivering a heartwarming result.

Mitt lys, min kjærlighet, mitt kompass, min fremtid, i alle dimensjoner

My light, my love, my compass, my future, in all dimensions

8. Happy Customer

The Konnected Sapphire was purchased for $29,000 and was conservatively valued at $55,000 marking an 89.66% uplift in value.

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