Unveiling Million-Dollar Gems: Exclusive Insights with RMC at Bangkok Gem Show 2023

Unveiling Million-Dollar Gems:
Exclusive Insights with RMC at Bangkok Gem Show 2023

In our third entry of The Jewel Journal, join Josh Mulrine of Vivid Jewels for an exclusive and illuminating conversation with Padam from RMC. This interview, set against the backdrop of the Bangkok Gem Show 2023, takes us into the realm of museum-grade gemstones, some valued at over $1 million!

A Dazzling Array of Invaluable Gems

The highlight of this encounter is Padam’s unveiling of a spectacular collection, featuring some of the rarest and most collectible gemstones in the world. These gems are not just beautiful; they are the crowning jewels of the gem show, embodying rarity and value beyond measure.

The Wisdom of Gemstone Investment

Discover the enduring value of strategic gemstone collection. Padam imparts knowledge on how selecting the right gems can be a wise long-term investment, much like acquiring valuable real estate.

The Allure of Rarity and Exclusivity

Padam introduces us to extraordinary gems such as the Paraíba Tourmaline, a stone celebrated for its scarcity and potential for appreciation. This segment of the interview is a deep dive into what makes certain gemstones ‘Blue Chip’ investments.

Understanding the Impact of Natural Limitations

Learn how the limited availability and the increasing costs of extraction are making precious stones like Rubellite, Ruby, and Blue Sapphire even more valuable.

Expert Recommendations for Your Collection

Padam offers his must-have list for any gem collector, including Aquamarine, Pink Morganite, and more. His insights on strategic collecting will guide you in acquiring gemstones that promise a lucrative return over time.

Vivid Jewels: Your Partner in Gemstone Excellence

Vivid Jewels is a brand that values exceptional quality, unique designs, and unbeatable prices. 

Our belief is that jewellery should reflect your individuality, rather than just being an accessory. We empower every person to feel confident expressing their personal style and status.

We’re dedicated to sourcing only the finest and rarest gemstones from around the world, and we reject anything that doesn’t meet our high standards. 

We’re more than just a jeweller; we’re your partner in the search for the perfect jewel. With our commitment to exceptional quality, unique design service, and unbeatable value, every piece of jewellery we create is a treasure that will be cherished for generations.

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