Aqua Azure

Aqua Azure

Introducing “Aqua Azure,” a mesmerising ring that combines elegance and rarity. This exquisite piece features a 5-carat Santa Maria Blue Aquamarine, delicately set in an 18-carat gold fishtail band, accompanied by pure-white, E-colour, VVS diamonds. The Aquamarine takes centre stage, proudly secured by up-reaching rounded prongs, which add a touch of grace to the overall design.

At Vivid Jewels, we have a keen eye for quality and extensive knowledge of sourcing exceptional gemstones at perfect prices from around the world. The Santa Maria colour of aquamarine, renowned for its exceptional rarity, captivating beauty, and high value, elevates the allure of this remarkable ring. This distinguished shade boasts an intense and vibrant blue hue, evoking images of pristine, crystal-clear waters found in tropical paradises. The scarcity of this particular colour within the aquamarine family further adds to its desirability, making it highly sought-after among collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

Beyond its striking colour, the Santa Maria aquamarine possesses remarkable clarity and transparency, allowing the intense blue to radiate with exceptional brilliance. These combined attributes contribute to the elevated value of the Santa Maria aquamarine, solidifying its status as a truly precious gemstone in the realm of fine jewellery.

1. Design Brief

2. Rejected Gemstones

The client approached us with a desire for a stunning statement ring that would effortlessly capture attention and reflect her status at events and dinners. Additionally, she was undergoing significant life changes, including relocating from Canberra to Perth, starting a new job, and transitioning into the next phase of her relationship.

The client’s brief was to create a ring inspired by Princess Diana’s aquamarine, which has regained popularity with Megan Markle wearing it. 

Understanding that Brazil is the original source of the highly sought-after Santa Maria Aquamarine, and acknowledging the pricing associated with it, we sought alternatives without the Brazilian price tag. Surprisingly, Vietnam emerged as a notable source for deep, rich blue Aquamarines and Spinels. These gems possess exceptional blue colours due to the geological composition of iron-rich Earth found in that region.

It is worth noting that as faceted Aquamarines decrease in size, their colour intensity diminishes as well. Larger gemstones tend to exhibit stronger and more vibrant colours. Our traders presented numerous options, but 90% of them were rejected based on size rather than quality.

While an 18-carat Santa Maria Aquamarine ring would be splendid, the practicality of wearing such a remarkable jewel and the budget constraints associated with acquiring such an heirloom necessitated patience in our pursuit of the perfect size. 

We understood the importance of finding the ideal balance between the gemstone’s size, colour intensity, and the client’s preferences, ensuring a ring that would be both breathtaking and suited to her needs.

In the meantime, we looked to hunt a Sri Lanka Aquamarine to see how the colour would compare. Within the first few options back we knew that The Azure Aqua had to be sourced from Vietnam. The colours were pale and had a green-blue tint to them.

Sensing our anticipation, our trader proposed the option of cutting a new aquamarine from raw specimen crystals. This approach would allow us to tailor the gemstone to exact dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for the desired ring design. Although this method would involve a higher initial cost due to the need to purchase a larger specimen, there was potential for cutting two gemstones from a single aquamarine, which could be advantageous in the long run.

At Vivid Jewels, we maintain a lean business model by not holding any stock and acting solely as facilitators for our clients’ purchases. Despite the amazing colour and quality of the presented aquamarine, we opted not to acquire another gemstone. This approach enables us to run our business efficiently and pass on incredible savings to our clients, as we remain focused on sourcing gemstones specifically tailored to their preferences.

After presenting this option to the client, she decided to exercise patience and await the arrival of the faceted gemstones in the perfect size. This demonstrated her commitment to achieving the ideal balance of size, colour, and quality for the ring, ensuring a truly exceptional piece that would exceed her expectations.

3. Selected Gemstones

We exercised patience for approximately 8 weeks, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the perfect Santa Maria Aquamarine. As soon as we laid eyes on it, we knew it was the one. The gemstone possessed an ideal size, and its colour and clarity were truly stunning.

Despite the perception that our negotiating position may have been weakened due to the wait, we were able to successfully negotiate a 30% reduction from the initial asking price. This demonstrated our dedication to obtaining the best value for our clients while maintaining the utmost confidence in the gemstone’s quality.

Having previously purchased an incredible 339ct dragon-carved Star Sapphire from the Vietnamese trader, we held a high level of trust in the reliability and authenticity of their gemstones. Given their assurance and the fact that the trader showed us raw aquamarine crystals from which the gem was cut to size, we decided to forgo the lab reporting step. This decision was made to avoid any potential delays and to secure this perfect gemstone without hesitation.

With the acquisition of the Santa Maria Blue Aquamarine, we took the necessary measures to ensure its safe shipping to our trusted jeweller, who would now commence the design phase. 

This marked an exciting step forward, bringing us closer to transforming this exceptional gemstone into a magnificent prized piece of jewellery.

4. Design

Once the aquamarine was in the hands of our jeweller, we engaged in a thoughtful discussion with the client regarding the design direction for the ring. We explored the possibility of replicating the famous Princess Diana Aquamarine ring, as it held significant appeal. However, we also presented an alternative option for a more unique creation.

Two design options were proposed. The first featured a minimal fishtail band adorned with diamonds, allowing the aquamarine to take centre stage. 

The second design incorporated the Vivid Jewels V logo, adding a distinctive touch to the ring. We were truly honoured that the client would consider incorporating our logo into her heirloom dinner ring. After careful consideration and review of both designs, she ultimately opted for the more minimal and traditional setting.

By choosing the minimal fishtail band design, the client embraced a timeless and elegant aesthetic, allowing the beauty of the aquamarine to be the focal point. This decision reflected her personal style and desire for a piece that would effortlessly complement various occasions

5. Refinement

With the client’s preference for the minimal design established, the focus shifted towards refining the details of the Aqua Azure ring. One significant decision centered around choosing between white or yellow gold for the setting.

Given the exceptional quality of the aquamarine, it had the ability to shine beautifully in either gold hue. However, considering the client’s existing collection of gold jewelry, she decided that a gold setting would be the ideal choice to harmoniously complement her other cherished jewels. 

This thoughtful decision ensured a cohesive and unified look when adorned alongside her existing pieces.

6. Quality Control

In our stringent Quality Control phase, each element of the “Aqua Azure”, a Santa Maria blue Aquamarine ring, underwent meticulous inspection. Our team’s scrutiny ensured a flawless outcome, a testament to the precise craftsmanship at Vivid Jewels. Each piece we deliver signifies our unwavering commitment to surpassing our client’s expectations with unrivalled elegance and timeless beauty.

Embark on a timeless adventure with Vivid Jewels. Join us on a unique Gem Hunting Journey and acquire not just a piece of jewellery, but a cherished heirloom. With our expertise, we can help you discover jewels that capture your heart today and will be adored by generations to come. Don’t just buy jewellery, be part of its creation. 

Schedule a consultation today and let Vivid Jewels guide you on a journey of beauty, elegance, and heritage.


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