How to buy Rubies with Gemburi: Bangkok Gem Show 2023

How to buy Rubies with Gemburi:
Bangkok Gem Show 2023

Welcome to the second entry of The Jewel Journal, where we delve into the vibrant world of rubies. Join us as Josh Mulrine from Vivid Jewels interviews Phuket from Gemburi at the Bangkok Gem Show 2023 for an enlightening exploration into these mesmerizing gemstones.

A Journey into the Heart of Rubies

Rubies, known for their fiery red hue, have captivated hearts for centuries. In this insightful interview, we uncover the layers that make these stones so sought-after. With Phuket’s expertise, we peel back the curtain on the nuances, qualities, and origins of these captivating gems.

Exploring Diverse Origins

Our adventure begins with a discovery of rubies from varied regions such as Burma and the famous Burmese Pidgeon Blood rubies as well as Africa and Mozambique rubies which have strong colour but are less fluorescent. Each source brings its unique charm and story, adding depth to the character of each stone. Learn what distinguishes each region’s produce and how it influences the gem’s allure.

Selecting Your Perfect Ruby

Choosing a ruby is an art in itself. Phuket lends his expert advice on selecting the right stone that resonates with your colour preferences, quality expectations, and personal taste.

Understanding the Value

Dive into the economics of rubies, from factors influencing their cost to their burgeoning demand as investment pieces. We discuss how origin, treatment, and rarity play crucial roles in determining their market value, especially focusing on the rising interest in unheated stones.

Quality vs. Size: The Eternal Debate

Join us in the age-old debate: should one opt for a larger ruby with inclusions or a smaller stone of higher quality? 

Begin Your Ruby Adventure

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